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We have celebrated many successes by being intelligence focused; with our global reach and expertise in offshore matters we are positioned to save our clients time, money and worry. The following case studies are testaments to our success: 

Foreign law enforcement case

Contacted by foreign law enforcement requesting advice and usable intelligence in relation to a curious situation. Money flowing from commercial real estate in an onshore jurisdiction to an offshore jurisdiction, the offshore vehicle being ostensibly owned, at least in part, by residents in the same country as the real estate.

None of the ostensible owners had any connection whatsoever with the eventual recipients of significant portions of funds which were remitted from one offshore jurisdiction to a less savoury offshore jurisdiction through four banks and then onto the Far East to completely unrelated persons whose assets were wholly inconsistent with the sums of money received.

Both desk and on-the-ground research was undertaken denoting that the ultimate recipients were not the declared owners of the offshore vehicle and a link was then formed between law enforcement in the relevant countries, at the same time as advice being given by the law firm on statutory exchange routes and thresholds for use of same, combined with intelligence as to how disclosures of that nature actually happen in practice and how they are best procured.

State problem solved in weeks

Contacted by an organ of State in a relatively recently established democracy faced with the difficult task of impeaching some of its most powerful politicians and businessmen. We were to act as adjuncts to law enforcement. Although formal cooperation was available on a country-to-country law enforcement basis, that would have taken time and was uncertain in result. Normal investigatory routes had proved ineffective in order to document links between payer and payee.

We used the law firm’s connections to solve the problem within a matter of weeks. The defaulting parties were all removed from office and senior officers are now serving lengthy jail terms.

Far Eastern Purchasers

We were consulted by the owner of a household name, sports and entertainment company who was considering a multimillion pound sale to Far Eastern purchasers.

Our research indicated that the purchaser was deeply involved in legal, regulatory and solvency issues. The sale went ahead but on a cash only basis. The new purchasers in due course ran the company into the ground, they remain mired in a multitude of complex and difficulties. Cost benefit ratio multiple over 100 to 1.

Matrimonial settlement

We were consulted by housewife married to wealthy property developer and narcotics importer. Our client did not know where to start.

We provided the initial intelligence which enabled her to instruct lawyers and obtain a settlement. Cost benefit ratio over 1000 to 1.

Mis-selling Win

We were engaged on behalf of two significant hospitality organisations (separately) and a High Net Worth (HNW) investor who had been mis-sold a financial products costing them millions.

We undertook a very extensive investigation into the operating practices of the various banking institutions including penetrating personnel. Our findings were highly damaging and shortly after the disclosure of our report in all cases settlement followed.

Cost benefit ratio over 100 to 1.