business intelligence

What we know, and who we know, are critical weapons in our strategic arsenal. In this 'knowledge economy', it's even more important to trade in this currency. 

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Knowledge is power; that's why we have our ear to the ground. Our services provide real solutions to complex problems.  

Our Strategy

We work with our clients from early on in the process by gaining the bigger picture. From here we can draw on our resources and provide solutions. This saves the clients time, money and angst and above all produces results.

What we provide


In-depth analysis and report, providing a well thought-out and reasoned view on a given target or situation 

Solving complex problems with a tailored approach

Detailed background and asset search spanning worldwide

General strategic consultancy: using knowledge to direct you regarding any professional issue or dispute you may have

Ownership information - the gathering of official documentation regarding ownership of property and assets across the world 

Corporate intelligence and analysis 

Litigation support - organised by investigators and litigators