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Welcome to the Sintel blog

“If you know the enemy and know yourself you need not fear the results of a hundred battles.” Sun Tzu

Since the beginning of time mankind has relied on having the right information; the collation of intelligence has been a necessary part of human survival and in battle, the difference between victory and defeat.

In today’s business world, gathering and analysing the right information helps to inform decisions and benefit clients by both saving and gaining money for them.

Although modern intelligence gathering methods may have changed, the principles remain the same; information is a critical weapon in our strategic arsenal. The intelligence we gather is the key to unlocking situations and making a significant final difference to our clients.

Intelligence informs strategy / Intelligent resourcing

We are owned and operated by highly experienced international litigators operating in conjunction with intelligence professionals who provide assistance and solutions to corporates, individuals and professional service providers.

This link with Sinels law firm and access to strong team of litigators’ means we have the skills and resources necessary to provide results beyond the abilities of lawyers or intelligence providers acting alone.

In an environment where facts matter in solving complex matters and legal disputes, we bring knowledge and intelligence to the forefront so we can help our clients.

The synergy between our two firms enables us to understand the power of having and using intelligence in the right way. We analyse the information we receive and make it useful and actionable, producing results beyond the abilities of other companies.

We are based in Jersey, Channel Islands. Offshore experience gives us another advantage and skill set denied to our competitors. Our reach is truly global.

Knowledge is power

In the face of difficult and complex problems, including legal disputes, our information gathering capability gives us the capacity to provide solutions and assistance to corporates, individuals and professional service providers.

The right intelligence analysis makes the difference in helping to solve complex problems and saving huge amounts of money.

We have celebrated many successes by being intelligence focused; with our global reach and expertise in offshore matters we are positioned to save our clients time, money and worry.

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